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The Importance of Generating Organic Traffic for Your Website

Organic traffic is the stuff of dreams: people find your business and it doesn’t cost you a cent. A lot of sweat and tears, maybe, but the overall payoff is worth it.

Unlike paid traffic from adverts, which can boost your website traffic temporarily, organic traffic gives your website staying power and kudos. It takes time to build up visitors from organic search, however: there is no quick solution.

Using the right SEO techniques, you can draw organic visitors to your website for months and years to come. Put bluntly, the time you invest in getting your on-page SEO right now will pay dividends for a long time into the future.

Three Reasons Why Organic Traffic is Essential for Your Business

Still not convinced about the power of organic traffic? Here are some more reasons why it should be your SEO focus:

1. Organic Traffic Means Consistent Page Rankings

When you pay for your traffic, your ranking will improve… for a while. You’ll get lots of visitors to your website… for a while.

But as soon as you stop paying for traffic, your rankings and numbers will dramatically reduce overnight.

Using SEO keywords that organically draw people to your site during their search will help your website consistently rank. Google and other search engines will recognize your page as a reliable source, too, which also boosts your ranking.

2. It’s Always a Real Person Behind the Click

Paid traffic can be generated by bots. Bots don’t buy things! These bots just cost you money and drive up the cost of popular search terms as well.

Every click you get from an organic visitor will be from a real person. That means it’s a person that is invested in what you have to offer. They’re in the market for your product or services, and that makes them a potential lead.

3. Organic SEO is Cost-Effective

Once you have created your keyword-rich evergreen content, that’s it! People will continue to flood to your website in a natural, steady flow of traffic.

You don’t need to continuously pay for adverts. Instead, people are always going to find you when they are searching for your products or services: you don’t need to pay for an advert when your page already ranks on Google!

Why Evergreen Content is Your SEO Secret Weapon

To manage your organic traffic growth, it’s important to create great content. You want your website to be seen as an authority in your industry niche.

Your secret weapon is in creating evergreen content. This is information that people are always seeking: it isn’t time-specific. This type of content can easily be updated should industry rules and regulations change, but will always attract potential customers.

For example, ‘How To’ guides are evergreen content. Instructables, especially those created with a downloadable guide (for additional lead capture on your side) are great for organic search web traffic.

If you’re stuck on how to create evergreen content, consider the common questions that all new customers ask you. This is a great starting point for creating engaging information that will always be searched for online.

Save Time: Use an Expert

Organic growth isn’t quick or easy. It takes time to develop keyword-rich content that naturally draws people to your website.

If you don’t want to spend ages on keyword analysis to truly optimize your site, or have time to write great content, ask an expert. SEO specialists will be able to use tried-and-tested strategies to boost your website traffic – without paid advertising. Contact us today to find out more.

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