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How a Strong SEO Strategy Generates More Organic Traffic for Your Site

With most small businesses now spending around $75,000 a year on digital marketing, you need to be sure that money is being spent wisely. If you’re not focused on growing organic traffic, you could be getting a few overpriced clicks that don’t lead anywhere. By implementing some SEO tactics, you can get meaningful traffic that builds your brand.

Search engines rank sites based on how often they’re updated, how reputable their information is, and how many other people link to them. One of the best ways to meet this criterion is to always be creating a lot of content. If you’re making quality content, you’ll attract lots of valuable clicks to your site.

Follow these 3 steps to ensure you get lots of organic traffic.

1. People Want Something Close By

When you use local SEO terms, you get organic traffic thanks to the way that search engines prioritize connecting local searches with nearby results. If you pepper local terms throughout your site and in every piece of content related to your company, you can capture a local audience. That will create a strong foundation for an audience you can depend on.

By including terms that describe your local region and what kind of work you do, you’ll be able to rank highly based on those criteria.

2. A Good Blog Can Travel Far

Creating a blog is a great way to draw in organic traffic. Your blog can help to answer some of the most frequently asked questions you get and then turn readers into potential clients.

When you show your readers just how your products and services can help answer those common questions, you’ll get organic traffic. People whose problems are solved by the kinds of posts that you write will share your posts, write valuable online reviews, and recommend you to friends. This kind of valuable sharing will create an organic audience for future posts.

3. Images Can Draw You In

When people find images related to your site on an image search, they could be intrigued and dive into your site to find out more about you. If you’re hiring a professional photographer and have unique photos that can only help.

When you have strong SEO, you use your title tags and image file names to increase your SEO impact. You should be dropping in keywords and local search terms to ensure that your images match up with what customers or clients are looking for.

When you show off unique and powerful images, along with unique keywords, you’ll hook new visitors and get valuable traffic that turns into sales.

Organic Traffic Can Be Cheaper Than PPC

If you’re still paying for every click that you get, you might want to lean more heavily on a strong SEO strategy. An SEO strategy can get you in front of an audience who is already interested in your products and services. This will save you from doing overpriced scattershot promotion.

If you’re interested in more ways to improve your SEO impact, contact us.

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