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How to Keep Up With Google Algorithm Updates to Keep Your SEO Efforts Intact

In the world of SEO, change is imminent. It comes out of nowhere and before you know it, your tactics are out of date.

It’s said that Google updates its algorithm about 500 to 600 times a year. While that’s a lot of change in a short amount of time, the key is to not panic.

Once you start panicking, all efforts go out the window. To stay relevant and on top of the latest changes, we have a few tips.

Ready to find out what they are?

Let’s get into it!

Know the Basics

Because Google updates its search algorithm a lot, there are a few basic things website owners like yourself need to know. This’ll ensure you stay on Google’s good side and avoid penalties.

Here they are:

  • Your website should have a sitemap
  • Content should be original and keyword-focused
  • Create relevant content
  • Build backlinks
  • Focus on user experience

Doing these things consistently will help you prepare for every change. If you don’t have the time to work on implementing these basics, fill out our discovery form.

Subscribe to SEO Blogs

If you didn’t know, there are plenty of blogs out there that report on all the latest trends and changes when it comes to SEO. They’ll give you the scoop on what Google is planning and when they release their new algorithm update.

Sites like Moz and Search Engine Land keep their users in the know. They’ll even make predictions on what the next update will be so you can get a head start.

It’s worth it to sign up for their newsletters so you’ll get the latest sent straight to your inbox.

Check Out the Google Webmaster Channel

On YouTube, John Mueller will spend time answering people’s questions about SEO. The answers he gives apply to both beginners and experts. But if you don’t understand some of the answers, they link to Google Hangouts that are focused on the same discussion so you can follow along.

Install Google Search Console

This is a must-have tool for anyone with a website. It keeps you up to date by giving you updates on what needs improving.

It helps you stay ahead of the game because it’s coming straight from Google. You’ll get notified whenever your site couldn’t be indexed or if there’s been a manual actions report against your site.

Consult Google Search Trends

A good way to find out what Google is up to is to take a look at their popular searches. Often times, what people are reporting on makes it onto at least one update.

For example, HTTPS was trending. We’re all familiar with HTTP but people were getting curious what the “s” stood for. It stands for secure.

Google then released an update that would then favor sites that used HTTPS. When websites weren’t secure, you’d get a notification that they were deemed risky to visit.

Wrapping Up on Google Updates

SEO is an ever-changing game. Just when you thought you were ahead of the curve, another update happens.

Remember not to panic. Keep a cool head and evaluate what needs to be tweaked on your site.

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