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How to Build a Rock Solid SEO Strategy For Your Small Business

As small business digital marketing budgets have ballooned to an average of $75,000 a year, rock solid SEO is one of the best ways to cut down spending. Most SEO strategies can be implemented at little to no cost. With a strong SEO strategy, you’ll see your ROI improve immensely.

Search engines use a tool called a “web crawler” to index every site on the internet. That’s how they can return so many results in just a fraction of a second. Web crawlers rank sites for keyword usage, loading speed, link age, and how often they are updated.

By preparing your site to be searched, you can look strong when web crawlers show up at your doorstep. Try these 3 tips for an impactful SEO strategy.

1. Start Blogging

Believe it or not, the blog is still alive and kicking. Once seen as a relic of a previous age for writing long and detailed personal essays, it’s grown into something quite different. Knowing that most searches are either for a product or for information, companies are taking advantage of that pattern by offering both.

By writing a blog, you can instruct your audience on new ways to utilize your products and services. You can answer those FAQs that fill up your inbox and quell some common myths. By writing frequently, you’ll also increase your ranking for so much fresh content.

2. Use Local Keywords

When you type in “pizza” on a search engine, you might notice that you get responses that are relevant to your location. That’s because search engines have developed their algorithms to see where users are searching from to give them the most relevant results.

By dropping in the name of your city, your neighborhood, and the region that you service, you give search engines a heads up on who should be seeing you. Once you take over your local area, you’ll see your audience grow. Your strongest supporters will always be those closest to your business.

3. Make Videos

In the next few years, video traffic is set to comprise over 80% of everything seen on the internet. If you’re not creating videos yet, it’s time to make a plan. You can be creating promotional videos, introducing your staff, or showing examples of your products and services in use.

Make short clips that can be shared on social media and you’ll see lots of valuable traffic going back to your website. Add in subtitles and you’ll give search engines more content to work with and more opportunities to match keyword searches with your business.

Your SEO Strategy Can Save Money

Implementing a strong SEO strategy is cheaper than hiring a bunch of consultants to fix your reputation online. Even if you find that’s necessary, you can do so much of the work on your own that you can ensure that anyone you hire will get down to brass tacks. Take care of the grunt work of SEO and you’ll be prepared to see great results.

If you want to learn even more about SEO, check out our guide for beginners.

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