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The Beginner’s Guide to Building High Quality Backlinks

Have you ever been at an industry conference where the biggest guru of your field is in attendance? People hang on every word they say, taking notes.

What would happen if that biggest guru mentioned your work or dropped your name? People would know you had something of value and seek you out.

Most business owners can only dream of that happening at a conference. But in the digital world, it can happen more easily than you might think.

Links from other websites to yours are backlinks.

The goal is to get links from the sites of your industry gurus or other respected or well-liked voices. That will boost your reputation with that site’s customers who trust the source like a friend.

In turn, there’s an increased chance those customers will also buy from you. Here’s everything you need to start achieving that goal.

Quality Backlinks Affect SEO

Not too long ago, backlink quantity was important to search engines. Then Google changed their SEO algorithms. Now, the quality of backlinks matters.

Google assesses the originating site’s reputation and influence by looking at traffic volumes. It’s assumed that popular and active sites offer something of value.

But is the site relevant to yours? If you sell furniture and an eyeglass manufacturer is linking to you, SEO algorithms will probably deem that irrelevant. The link’s “quality score” will diminish.

There is also a uniqueness test. Does Apple’s iPhone page link to every cell service provider’s site? If so, the quality of the link diminishes in terms of SEO.

If a high authority site links to your site, that’s gold. High authority sites include those belonging to government, newspapers, and established charities.

Common examples are links to online newspaper or magazine articles about your company and service provider listings on government websites.

How often a backlink is clicked also influences its quality. In this way, the quality of a backlink can vary over time.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

Finding and maintaining quality backlinks is an ongoing process and smart business habit. To do this, use the following tips:

  1. Identify your industry’s heavy hitters. They can be people or companies that influence your customer base. They might be suppliers. Make sure they aren’t competitors.
  2. Find the names of the individuals who manage the content on your target websites. Help them see how linking to your site could benefit them.For example, pitch a guest blog post about a topical issue. Or, get on their radar by offering unique insights relevant to your business and theirs.
  3. Make sure your site has quality content. The more valuable your site becomes, the more attractive it is for other sites to link to it.Frequent and routine posting of content to your website and social media accounts is also good for SEO.
  4. The most challenging part of backlink management is removing backlinks from spammy sites or sites that don’t align with your brand.It can take time and diplomacy to get another site to remove a link. But the effort can pay off in terms of SEO. If you do run into roadblocks, you can disavow low-quality backlinks and ask Google to help you.

Until your backlink management matures, it’s a good idea to follow these steps in sequence.

Next Steps

Managing backlinks to your site is important to SEO and contributes to the success of digital marketing.

If you don’t have dedicated in-house resources, we can help. Our team includes SEO strategists, visual designers, social media experts, conversion optimizers, and coders.

Contact us today to learn more!

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