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7 Reasons Why Using a Local SEO Company Makes Sense

There’s no denying the power online search has when looking for local products and services. In fact, 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphones ended up visiting a business within a day.

If your website is seeing a drop in visitors or hasn’t ever received the traffic you had your heart set on, it may be time to bring in an expert. However, you could be at a loss as to who you should hire.

It turns out that working with a local SEO company has a number of advantages. Aside from a better overall experience, an agency in your city has the local knowledge that could be the key to driving more business to your site.

Let’s break down seven reasons why a local company makes the most sense.

1. Target Your Local Market

When you’re trying to target potential customers in your area, doesn’t it make sense to work with a business that knows your audience intimately?

Locality is a big component of SEO. A local agency will be more familiar with the demographics in your city and also has experience getting results for other businesses near you.

2. Convenience

An agency in your city is close, which means a lot when trying to get a feel for who they are. It’s always nice to easily be able to meet in person and express your goals.

If issues arise or you want to make a strategy change, you know your specialists are close by.

3. Reputation

A business’s local reputation is crucial to their success. Especially now, when online reviews have so much influence over a buyer’s decision-making process.

Just like you, a local SEO company has a reputation to uphold. They know that when working with other local businesses, they need to show they can provide quality service. Remember, word-of-mouth is still as relevant as ever.

4. Firm Roots in the Community

Beyond basic demographics, a local agency will have a better grasp of your city’s culture than a company across the country. This means they will have local resources and connections that help them deliver the best service possible.

SEO companies must use web developers, designers, and search engine optimization specialists to enhance the performance of websites. Having local connections for these things is a great advantage to you.

5. Google’s Localized Results

Google’s search engine results page (SERP) now show results that are specific to the user’s geography. This means that local SEO tactics are more important than ever.

Being familiar with the geography of a city is extremely important. This means knowledge of particular neighborhoods and major highways. Working with a local SEO company ensures you’re getting this intimate knowledge.

6. Better Service

This proximity also fosters a tighter connection and the willingness to deliver results. Also, a local agency is more likely to provide better customer service and respond quickly.

With many national companies, you become just another number. With a local organization, there’s a personal connection.

7. Local References

When choosing an agency, you may want to inquire about work they’ve done in the past. Being able to speak with local references to find out how their experience went is very reassuring and also extremely easy.

Go with a Local SEO Company

Your digital marketing strategy is the backbone of your local outreach. When considering an agency to implement your SEO campaign, a business in your local market makes more sense.

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