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4 SEO Trends to Be Aware Of in 2018

With the standard average spending of small businesses on digital marketing hitting around $75,000, getting a strong ROI is a must. With companies competing for space on the digital frontier, search engines are the place where companies are duking it out. Following SEO trends are a must for competitive businesses.

Search engines use tools called web crawlers to index and rank every site on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s how they can return search results in a fraction of a second. They rank sites for the use of a certain keyword, how well organized a site is, whether other sites link to it, and many other factors.

That’s where SEO trends come in. As companies get hip to what search engines look for, they’re forced to outmaneuver companies looking for an edge. Follow these 4 trends to stay ahead of the pack.

1. Images and Videos are Important

With most social media platforms privileging photo and video content, online interactions have never been more visual. Search engines will soon be able to decode visual content to make searches more visually friendly.

They will be able to not only search text for keywords but also search unlabeled images as well. Currently, image searches rely on context, metadata, and image file titles. Soon you will be able to get more accurate results through search engines’ work crawling the files themselves.

2. Google Isn’t Everything

While Google is still the biggest company in tech, SEO trends are showing a more diverse potential for scoring points in SEO. As Yelp and Amazon are able to give accurate and relevant results, along with digital assistants like Siri, the concept of a search engine is broadening.

Soon search engines could be completely integrated into every experience or could be dismantled altogether.

3. Local SEO Matters

With the networked expansion of IoT and the surprising results of GPS data, companies are creating, gathering, and extracting data in new ways. If you type “pizza” into a search engine now, results are calibrated to your most recent location.

While this is unsettling in some ways, it also makes shopping and finding services easier than ever. People will pay a surprising cost for convenience.

4. Voice Search Increases

As most homes are soon to outfitted with an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or a Siri enabled device, people are taking advantage of voice searches. By catering your SEO to what kinds of phrases people use when making a voice search, you can be in front of the wave of voice searches to come.

Soon enough, we’ll see sponsored content appearing in these search results.

SEO Trends in 2018 Could Surprise Us

Most of the aforementioned SEO trends rely on already existing technology. We could just as easily be blindsided by a new product that upends everything we know about SEO. Until that happens, all we have are our current paradigm to help guide us through the murky waters of SEO.

If you’re interested in expanding your SEO reach and increasing your ranking, contact us for more tips.

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